4,900 decares ready for new industries

Mongstad Industrial Park has one of the largest greenfield areas in Norway, with a total of 4,900 decares available for new companies, and
2,677 decares of zoned land, offering short time to market.


                         Reserved for industrial purposes

                         Established industry

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Name Type Size
Equinor Zoned 1,665,000 sqm
Storhavnen Zoned 244,000 sqm
Mongstad Næringspark Zoned 285,000 sqm
Storemyra Zoned 219,000 sqm
Leirvågkrysset Zoned 60,000 sqm
Hope Not zoned 181,000 sqm
Hopeflaten Not zoned 1,688,000 sqm
Keilevegen Not zoned 352,000 sqm
Mongstadkrysset Zoned 327,000 sqm
Equinor Refining AS Existing company
Mongstad Supply Base - Asset Buyout Partners Existing company 1 050 000 sqm
TCM Existing company
Transformer Infrastructure