Mongstad supply base 

Mongstad supply base is Norway’s leading supply base, serving 23 fixed installations and on average 3-6 rig operations annually in the northern North Sea. The base is ideally located on the western coast of Norway to provide optimal conditions for efficient logistics and supply services to the energy industry.

Mongstad supply base is owned by Asset Buyout Partners and is located adjacent to Equinor’s refinery at Mongstad, just outside Bergen. The base was established in 1984 as a supply base and has since inception, invested significantly in port infrastructure as well as land and buildings. The supply base is home to approximately 50 service companies with high technical knowledge of the energy industry and is operated by Coast Center Base (CCB), offering logistics and port services to the tenants located at the premises. Mongstad supply base constitutes approximately 43% of all supply base activity in Norway.

A boat sailing into Mongstad Supply Base, on the western coast of Norway.

Value-added infrastructure

Infrastructure at the base includes a modern ISPS port with 10 deep-water quays, including an efficient Ro-Ro quay with a total quay length of 750 meters.

Total base area of 1,050,000 sqm, including more than 100,000 sqm of warehouses, workshops and offices. Moreover, Mongstad supply base offers piping for bulk supply, shore power facilities, transportation services, waste management, and handling of goods. Combined, the services available at Mongstad supply base ensure accessibility and efficient operations.

Services at Mongstad Base

A range of facilities and services are available to companies located at the supply base. 

Port facilities

Mongstad supply base offers a modern ISPS-approved port, versatile industrial properties and 750 meters of deep-water quays.

Equipped with a Ro-Ro quay, piping for bulk supply, shore power station, waste management and a full-fledged port service offering, Mongstad supply base is well equipped to cater for any needs.

Handling of goods

The port handled more than 3,000 ship arrivals and 1.5 million tons of goods in 2018.

High activity coupled with strong local competence ensure that Mongstad supply base is a leading logistics and knowledge cluster in Norway.

Available sites

Increasing activity and continuous development of new facilities will make the base an attractive location going forward.

Currently, Asset Buyout Partners has more than 450,000 sqm of available plots at the supply base and surrounding area, of which approximately 140,000 sqm is available for the establishment of new or existing companies at the central supply base area. Asset Buyout Partners offers long-term partnerships including value-added services and tailored solutions for its customers. 

The Mongstad Industrial Park community

At Mongstad Industrial Park you will find a range of energy service, logistic and waste management companies.