Infrastructure and services at Mongstad Industrial Park

Mongstad Industrial Park has a lot to offer to existing and new industry. Here is an overview of infrastructure and services available for tenants within Mongstad Industrial Park. 

Mongstad Industrial Park is a national energy cluster and is home to industry that requires large amounts of energy. The transmission network preserves and secures a stable power supply of renewable energy. The energy system in the area provides good redundancy in the event of a power outage.


Mongstad Industrial Park is in the center of the regional supply network for electricity, stretching from production areas in the mountains further east, out to Kollsnes on the coast, and beyond this to oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.


The availability of low-cost, clean electricity will be a particularly important competitive advantage for businesses in Norway in the coming years. The Mongstad area is located within electricity zone NO5, which has the lowest prices for electricity in the Nordics.


Available Power  100 MW+   
Transmission Grid  22kV / 132 kV 
Grid concession  Yes
Renewable  100% (Hydroelectric)
Grid connection  Level 1- 3
Green certificates  Yes (optional)

Connectivity through a fiber network will be a decisive factor for all industrial areas going forward. Mongstad Industrial Park is connected to a good-quality, redundant network.

Type: DWDM, Dark Fiber option
Fiber supplier(s): Several (redundant)


RTD from Greater Bergen
Oslo  7.5ms 
Stockholm  14ms 
London  16.8ms
Aberdeen  13.7ms
Frankfurt  20.5ms
Amsterdam  17ms

There are excellent ISPS port facilities at Mongstad supply base, including deep-sea quays and a ro-ro quay. Port facilities are made available to all tenants located at the Industrial Park. CCB operates the supply base and is responsible for managing access to port services for third parties.


The quay-length is 750 meters with a water depth of 12 meters. 


The port facilities include:  

·       Onshore power supply 

·       Fresh water

·       Fuel (diesel and LNG)

·       Other special products

There are excellent water reservoirs at Mongstad. 


Alver Municipality has made extensive investments into the supply of drinking water at Mongstad. Further investments will be made in coming years in order to ensure that the Mongstad area is appropriately supplied with both industrial water and drinking water.


The industrial park can deliver a supply of drinking water to any significant new development.


Hot industrial water can also be made available as an output from the oil refinery. 

Internal roads within Mongstad Industrial Park are of good standard.


The industrial park’s main road was originally built as a municipal-level road and was regulated in 2003 to a private road, allowing flexible use of utility vehicles for internal transportation.

At Mongstad Industrial Park you will have access to the following:

CO2 as a resource


Natural gas


Hot water


Refinery products (naphtha, etc.)


Services at Mongstad Industrial Park

Port services

The supply base is home to approximately 50 service companies with high technical knowledge of maritime energy industry and is operated by Coast Center Base (CCB).

The port is owned by Asset Buyout Partners and includes a total of 750 meters of ISPS approved quays available for tenants located at the site and outside the ISPS area. Port facilities include a roll-on/roll-off quay, suitable for an efficient handling of heavy consignments. Water depth at the quays is 12 meters. Moreover, Mongstad offers onshore power supply for vessels at berth, resulting in significant environmental gains. 

Mongstad supply base offers several quay-related facilities including crane and forklift services, bunkering services (LNG, MGO, Methanol), drilling and production chemicals, waste management, and 24/7 security.


Mongstad supply base handles customs and storing of goods for import and export. In special situations, Mongstad supply base has both capacity and competence to establish a temporary or permanent customs warehouse for clients on the base.

Property management

Asset Buyout Partners is the majority owner at Mongstad Industrial Park and is a professional landlord that seeks long-term partnerships. Our expertise extends to structuring, developing and managing industrial properties and infrastructure. Asset Buyout Partners offers tailored solutions for its customers whether it includes new development projects, rental of plots or warehouses/offices.

Logistics and transport

Logistics and transport services are available at Mongstad Industrial Park through the companies CCB, SR Transport and Bring. Tenants at Mongstad can enter into agreements regarding logistics and transport with these companies, including delivery of goods to the ISPS quay.


There are several workshops available at Mongstad.

Waste management

Mongstad supply base holds a favorable system for waste handling, hazardous waste.

Technical services

Several technical workshops at Mongstad supply base offering services to companies established at Mongstad. 

Bunkering services

Drilling and production chemicals

Crane and forklift services

Internal transport

Ro-ro quay

Shore power station

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