Why Mongstad?

Mongstad Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial areas in Norway with greenfield plots. It contains a total of 4,900 decares reserved for industrial use, with 2,350 decares zoned for industrial purposes. 

With zoning plans in place, there is short time to market for your business. You can also play a central role in developing Greenspot Mongstad.

Close to Bergen

In close proximity to Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. Bergen is home to an international airport, several educational institutions, research institutions and a vibrant cultural scene. Greater Bergen is known for its energy, shipping and aquaculture industries, as well as its proximity to the activity in the North Sea.

Mongstad Industrial Park is the ideal spot for companies connected to the Norwegian energy industry, and companies wanting to benefit from the CO2 carbon capture facility. Mongstad is also a hub for the knowledge and energy-based industries.

At Mongstad Industrial Park, your company will be close to: 

  • Norway’s largest oil refinery and port
  • 50 maintenance, modification, service and supply companies, 2,000 employees
  • Close to Norway’s only carbon capture and test facility, TCM
  • Greenspot Mongstad: Be part of developing new, green industries.

Competent work force

Mongstad has been an industrial area since 1975 and holds experienced professionals from the energy and process industries. In addition, the area’s proximity to Bergen presents various opportunities for recruiting a competent workforce. There are both technical high-schools and universities nearby that specialize within the field of natural sciences and engineering.

Bergen is also home to the NORCE research institute, delivering research and innovation in energy, environment and technology.

Sustainable industry development 

The local authorities encourage novel industrial development at Mongstad. Circular economy and new innovative industries are of particular interest as they benefit companies, society, and the environment. Mongstad Industrial Park intends to lay the foundation for greener alternatives through the initiative Greenspot Mongstad.

Excellent port facilities

The port at Mongstad is Norway’s largest in terms of tons over quay, and one of the largest energy ports in Europe handling over 3,000 ship arrivals per year. Centrally positioned in the North Sea Basin (Fensfjorden Basin) with excellent facilities, makes the port attractive for energy, service and supply companies.

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